Friday, December 01, 2006

Vocals + acoustic = eargasm !!

I totally love songs with guitar especially if it's acoustic and ever since I heard Mia singing live in MPH (refer to this post here) I've fallen in love with her voice and decided to do more some research on her through her website. She's been singing for quite sometime and she's quite well known as well especially for those who follow the local jazz music scene. Apparently Cynthia also knows about her and mentioned that sometimes she does local live shows and one of the places Cynthia mentioned was No Black Tie.

So even after more searching I found out that Mia will be performing in No Black Tie on Friday 1st Oct, just my luck. Called Cynthia and she said she wouldn't mind going to check out Mia as well. So plans were made for Friday night since it was suppose to be a night of rest after yesterday's night out.

So No Black Tie .. ear i cummmmmmmmm :D