Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whyyyyy ??

It's almost end of the year and I'm suppose to be enjoying the balance of my annual leave but nooooo everything had to happen at the same time. Just had a meeting the other day after work and it lasted 3 hours and left my brains feeling like jello. To top it off we were not done yet and had to continue the next morning which took another 2 hours or so.

After all that the problem was only half resolved because the solution that we came up with involved too much work and time and we might not be able to finish everything by end of the year. To make matters even worst boss said my leave might not be approved for end of the year because I might need to go overseas on Christmas day. Can you believe it ??? Even though I don't celebrate Christmas but I at least thought I would be in KL celebrating it with the people close to me. Hopefully it doesn't work out because of the holiday season and everyone will be flying around.
Today had to go to a government office to get some work done and there was utter chaos. They kept pointing the finger to everyone else except themselves even though I've already expected this to happen but then when it actually does happen it kinda still takes you by suprise especially considering the fact I'm easily irritated this past few days. Damn it !!!

To add salt to the wound here I am waiting for a raise/promotion and one superhero comes waltzing in and hands in the resignation letter and automatically gets a counter offer which effectively means an increment in the salary. Am I not a valueable asset to the company as well ? Doesn't my effort and work matter ? As if that's not enough this year I won't be getting an increment because of some salary cap thing that they introduced recently. Feel so neglected and just want to hand in my letter as well !!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

Plus plus Zouk Out is this weekend in Singapore and I wanted to go but because of other commitments I had to give it a miss. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?? *bang head against wall*

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