Friday, December 01, 2006

Ghetto ---> DJ Premier

DJ Premier was spinning in Zouk last night and Andre wanted to check him spin. Apparently his quite big in US and part of the leading hip-hop group, 'Gang Starr'. The guys went there much earlier around 8pm or so to have dinner in terrace. I joined much later as I had classes that night.

When I reached there they were almost done with dinner and was just having drinks and I joined Andre and got a jug of beer. So here we were sitting down chilling and enjoying the peace and quiet while waiting to go to mainroom for some ghetto goodness. I think we went into mainroom like around 11pm or so and it was still quite empty.

We just stood near the bar contemplating on what we should have and ended up ordering a jug of long island and then the tequila girls came along and we had a tequila shot each. That's when Aran started dancing and there was this group of ladies who kept looking over and checking him out. Aran the mannnnnnnnnnnnnn :D

Finally after some time the dance floor started getting crowded and the usual hip hop "gang" were there. Primo finally came on to spin and his music selection is totally different than the other dj's that spun in ghetto before. He prefers more oldskool songs and mixes them beautifully. It was an awesome event except that his music definately needs some getting used to as there's a lot of pauses/scratching in between tracks.

By 2am or so I ran out of energy and just stood near the stairs of the dance floor enjoying the aircond and the view. Aran was busy enjoying himself and was interupted by the hip hop "gang" and can see the expression on his face that he definately was not amused. Hahahahah .. that teaches them to mess with the grea anomie :D All this while Andre was missing and I spotted him in the middle of the dance floor grooving to Primo. That's super rare as usually Andre would be the one near the stairs. Hahahahh

We left slightly before 3am to avoid the crowd and while chilling at the entrance of Zouk deciding where to head for some food, I spotted a familiar face among the crowd someone whom I haven't seen since secondary school days and who is now rather popular in the music industry. I was suprised that he even remembers and recognises me. After exchanging numbers I bid him farewell and join the guys where we decided to head to mamak for some food.

Reached home around 3am or so. It definately was an early night alright. The S.E Tan has succeeded in his mission.