Monday, December 25, 2006

The Christmas Eve

After sleeping late last night waking to go gym this morning was somewhat of a challenge and obviously I didn't make it. By the time I woke up it was already lunch time and I was just lazing around at home watching TV and thinking what to do while waiting to go for the Xmas party that I conveniently invited myself to go. Well not really it was an open invitation and since I've nothing to do this Christmas Eve I decided to go and see what it was all about.

I was lazing around in bed when I got a sms around 5+pm from Dennis if I was heading to Mr Sam's place in celebration of his first born son. I totally forgot all about it and if it wasn't for the sms I would have totally missed it. I haven't seen Dennis since his wedding as well. So had some light dinner and a few drinks and before I knew it, it was already 9pm and I was suppose to go for the Xmas party at 8pm and what's worst is I haven't even gotten any gifts yet for the gift exchange that will be happening during the party as well.

Left Sam's place and rushed to Jaya in SS14 to grab some gifts as well as some snacks for the party and called KY on the directions to his place. Reached there around 10pm and as I slowly drove past I noticed quite a few people standing outside the house and loads more inside the house and as I parked my car nearby I started getting butterflies in my tummy and was doubting my decision as this is something that I don't do often, just going and joining a party where I've never even met any of them before. Took a deep breath and started walking to the house and gave him a call when I was outside his place.

As soon as I reached outside his place and hung up the phone I was immediately surrounded by people introducing themselves and obviously I immediately forgot most of their names because just after I finished saying hello and passing over my gift as well as snacks I was given the customary drink from the big ass cup which looked like a liter of pure hell. I have no idea what was mixed in it but it tasted awful like some expired cough mixture. Bleaaaakkkkkkkkkk ...

I met Suanie, Kim, Kelvin or was it Kevin or was it the both of them.. hahhaha I seriously can't really remember all the names because there were like 20+ people there and apparently this year a lot of them are toned down in terms of drinking compared to last year where some people ended up puking and all. They also celebrated Carol's birthday and she ended up drinking another special concoction specially blended just for her and she drank almost 3/4 of it. OMG I think if it was me I would just die trying to drink that shit hahahahaha. Didn't really drink that much also because didn't feel like it but I did get to try the Absolut Karant and Absolut Peach and it didn't taste that bad at all.

As it almost was 12am everyone gathered in the house for the gift exchanging ceremony. The interesting part about the gif exchange was everyone was given a number and the person who got no 1 was considered the most unluckiest and the person having the last number is the luckiest because the bigger number person before they decide to choose their gift have the choice of taking anyone's gift that he/she likes or choose from the gift pool and get something even better. Got a phone call from Tyler as well saying he was heading to Zouk and invited me to join as well and I said I would be there in about 1/2 hours time. Few minutes later he called back and said plan was cancelled so I decided to stay on longer enjoying the party and the companionship of my new friends.

Group pic 1

Group pic 2

The biggest box there

One happy customer

Patrick towel anyone ?

I want that one !!

As we were sitting there talking a few of them started to feel hungry and we headed over to some makan place called William near the old Lim Kok Wing. There were loads of people as well, most of them obviously were there after clubbing and drinking. Didn't really feel like eating but after seeing Kim order the mushroom soup I was tempted as well and ordered one for myself. Must be one of the best mushroom soup I had and the soup was full of mushroom. I think there were like 4-5 different type of mushrooms in the soup and I could not even finish my soup and was practically forcing myself halfway through and gave up and decided to enjoy my sparkling peach drink instead :D

After all the food started to get sleepy and we called it a night and I reached home around 4am and got to bed around 5am. All in all it was a interesting and different Xmas eve for me and I have no idea if I will meet any of them again but we shall just see how it goes :D

Some more stories from those who were there :D
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