Sunday, December 17, 2006

The quiet Sunday

Woke up rather late only to find my phone had decided to die on me and I had to use a spare phone first while I try to get it repaired. Got a call from Anthony later asking to head over to his place. So I slowly got out of bed with a bad headache and took a shower and head over to his place. Tried calling him a few times but no reply, so I ended up in Summit walking around looking at phones.

Anthony called me and asked me to come over and I tapao some lunch as well before heading his place. Chilled there a while before heading back home around 5pm.

I was suppose to meetup with Viv as well for dinner but since my phone died and I didn't have her number so couldn't meetup before she left for Oz. So the whole day was spent at home getting some rest before heading back to work again tomorrow.

Caught up with some tv series as well. Now watching Greys Anatomy S2 and Stargate S8.

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