Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dinner and a movie

Woke up quite late again, it's becoming quite a habit now sleeping late and waking up late. This is definately not a good sign. The internet decided to work today and I did some catching up on emails and trying to access online journals which was damn bloody slow because of some problem with the internet line.

Gave up after a while and went to get some food cause I could hear my tummy growling already. Had lunch and watched some more Greys Anatomy. Definately not a show to be seen when eating especially those who can't stand blood or gory operation scenes.

Before I knew it, I got a phone call from Estee whom I was suppose to meet later last night saying she needs to be in Parade by 7pm to meet a client. Talk about timing, so rushed from my home and reached her place before 6:30pm and I took the highway to Subang and the traffic near Wisma Tractors was heavy but we still made it before 7pm thanks to my superb driving skills ... ahhahahahaha

The best part was after I dropped Estee off to find a parking I got a call from her saying that we were in the wrong place. What the heck ... apparently we are suppose to be in Summit .. OMG of all the places to go to ... so we left Parade and made our way to Summit and once again thanks to my superb driving skills we made it there around 20 mins time.

She met her client while I went to MPH to check out some books. After a while I got bored and went over to the arcade while waiting for Estee to finish. She was done around 8+pm and some phone calls were made because we were suppose to meet Joey in 1U to watch movie. After some confusing phone calls we finally decided to watch Night at the Museum in Summit, more on that at a later time. When we got to the ticket booth there wasn't many seats left and it was 5-10 mins until the reserved seats were released so we decided to wait. Cody also said if there's seat he wanted to join us.

So we finally got tickets and it was pretty good seats right in the middle of the cinema. Since we still had some time and we haven't had dinner me and Estee ended up in Sushi King. First of all the place was freaking warm, haven't they heard of aircond and secondly the variety of food was pathetic. It was basically the same thing going round and round and round. Cody came just as we were about to finish dinner and we left sushi king still feeling hungry so we decided to get some snacks to eat during the movie. Ended up me and Estee finished off Cody's popcorn.

After the movie Joey asked to go for mamak and we ended up in Asia Cafe in SS15. The parking was horrible but when I finally reached the makan place it definately made up for the lack of car park. There were tonnes of people especially SYT ... hahahahah

We ended up leaving around 3am or so I think ... and I got home and tried to get online a while and went to sleep after that ... another holiday down ...