Friday, December 22, 2006

Being sick yet partying

Was awefully sick for the past two days. Suspect it was food poisoning, on Tuesday I wanted to go to the gym but on the drive back home I felt so tired and could barely concentrate on the road. It was like I was staring at the road but I couldn't focus and I could feel myself nodding to sleep. It was damn scary lucky I made it back in one piece.

As soon as I got home I immediately got into bed and fell asleep, the next thing I remember was waking up and as soon as I stood up I felt like vomitting so I rushed to the toilet and puked all over toilet bowl. This went on throughout the night for about 4-5 times. It was a nightmare and I had a splitting headache and a fever to go along as well.

Woke up in the morning on Wednesday still feeling shitty and because work was left hanging tried to take a shower but I just felt so weak and couldn't even walk straight without holding on to something for support and I knew that I definately wouldn't want to be driving in that condition. So went back to sleep and woke up around 5+pm and my dad drove me to the clinic. Had a fever of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Doctor gave some meds and two days MC from work.

Went home tried to have something to eat and went to sleep. Woke up the next day feeling better and since I was on leave and Tyler was around PJ area we metup for lunch since it's been a while since I last saw him. Told him of my adventures the last few weeks which left him laughing at my misfortune ... truly hari ini dalam sejarah !!! hahahahahah

Went back home after that and slept some more. Woke up feeling hungry and met up with Cynthia for dinner. By the time dinner was done it was almost 9pm and I started receiving sms as to what time I was expected in Velvet for the singles party as I promised Debra and Emily that I would be there.

Since I was feeling much better decided to Since I was feeling much better decided to head over to Velvet to check out what a singles party is all about since I've never been to one. Reached there around 10pm and met Emily with a bunch of her friends at the entrance busy taking pictures.

Called Debra and I registered myself at the counter and got a goodie back as well as a number token. We went over to her table where I met Siva and Irene again and also Nanda, the rest I can't remember already hahahahaha ..

Bumped into Raj and VJ as well there and Jeanette as well. I learnt that the numbers are in a pair and one is given to a guy and another to a girl and we are suppose to hook up and stand up to the challenge given and we could walk away with the grand prize which was a 3D 2N stay to some resort somewhere.

There were 5-6 couples who went on stage and went through the challenges. The first one required the ladies to eat an apple hanging from the guys neck blindfolded. The second challenge the guys were required to get their face messy by sticking it in some whip cream and with their mouths gather 4-5 cherries. The final challenge where only two couples were left were suppose to dance/sing to the music trying to act out the lyrics. Jeanette was one of the finalist and did a raunchy number where some hip action were potrayed, if it wasn't for the fact that she knew her partner I would have voted for her. The other finalist was VJ and he and his partner though was not as raunchy as Jeanette performance but it was captivating and original and they deserve to win.

After all the commotion Debra and gang decided to leave around 12am where I was just starting to wake up so I bid them farewell and made my way to look for other people I recognised. Ended up with VJ and Emily and Emily's friend at the dance floor. There were two other girls on the dance floor and that's it. We practically owned the place and after a while Raj appeared and introduced us to the two other girls who were Michelle and Jacqueline (I think) hahahah. Nanda also joined us and so the 7 of us were on the dance floor, dancing as though we owned the place. Hahahhaha

We got bored of the music and being the only people on the dance floor and tried to find a way to get ourselves to mainroom. As we were sitting on the couch deciding what to do, Jacqueline was approached by one of the guys working in Zouk and after some chit chat someone had the bright idea of asking Jacqueline to ask him to bring us in and he agreed. hahahahah so the 7 of us made our way to Mainroom which was crowded as hell.

The music was awesome and it was just something I needed after the boring night in Velvet. Felt so alive and I was glad I made it out that night. After a lot of dancing we finally decided to call it a night and we left around 2am which is considered quite early la .. hahahahha

Exchanged numbers with a few people cause most of us just met that night and away we went. Got home and went to sleep but not before taking my meds of course. Hahahhaha .. and this was one night where no alcohol was involved at all. Well at least on my part :D