Sunday, December 17, 2006

The wedding dinner

Since Sam drove in the morning I decided to drive for the wedding dinner. We reached there around 7pm and obviously we were one of the few early ones there to arrive. We registered ourselves and gave our angpows and since there were not many people around we decided to take a stroll and check out the place. The dinner was held in KLGCC.

After sitting down near the parking lot and talking crap we headed back to the dinner hall slightly before 8pm and at least now half the place was filled with people so we decided to head to our table and have a seat. We started off with the peanuts coz we were hungry and then we finished the peanuts and luckily they started serving drinks and we started off with beer.

People started coming in and soon our table was being occupied as well. Met with some old secondary school mates Kevin and Max as well who were in the same table as me. Haven't seen Kevin for more than 10 years and he still looks the same. Met some of Dennis and Sam's Form 6 classmates as well. So the dinner ceremony took place and some speeches were done and a lot of toasting to the newly weds.

Dinner was served. By the second dish we had consumed alot of beer that I can't even recall how much. Probably was around 2-3 jugs a person. Hahahhaha madness and then the heavy stuff came out and somehow a bottle of chivas ended up on our table. Time seems to fly when you're having fun and in between all the food,drinks and chatting it was time to go back well most of them have already gone back and we were the few tables that was still left behind. I decided that enough was enough when a second bottle of chivas magically appeared on the table when the first one was finished.

Wish the best to the bride and groom and me and Sam drove back home. We decided to stop by the mamak to have some drinks. Reached home around 1am and since I wasn't sleepy yet was online a while and after that went to sleep around 3am or so.