Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday dinner

My company had a dinner function on Friday night and I never thought that the office could be so cozy and soothing hahahahah. We basically had the office decorated and also a lot of scented candles were used and most of the lights turned off. Not too bad at all. Definately didn't feel like we were in the office with most of the lights turned off. :D

Basically the dinner was to followup on the course that we went middle of the year and to see how it has helped improve our life either in the work environment as well as at home. We were required to write on our experience and hand in to the staff club/change agents and they picked the best two and those two were required to tell their story on their experience in front of everyone. I was rather busy with work and all and didn't feel like submitting so I didn't. We had some extra time and the floor was open to anyone who wanted to share their experience and I was so tempted to stand up and share my experience will all my colleagues but somehow something held me back. I guess I still am afraid of what people might think and start judging me based on what I say but at least I'm trying to get over that. Next year promises to be even more interesting :D

So then we had a birthday party as well. By the time the cake was cut I was so full eating all the food. After dinner some people stayed back to help clean up and obviously I was one of them. Most of the people has gone back and there's only a handful of us. Some music was played and we cleaned up as much as possible and ended up just sitting around the sofa lazing around, chilling in the office. Left the office around 10pm and got home and straight away slept. Was so freaking tired from carrying all the stuff around. Overall it was a very eventfull night and I had fun.

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