Friday, December 29, 2006

Lunch, assignment and dinner

So yesterday was the first day of the holiday for me and what better way to start the holidays than by doing my assignments. Hahhahahah

Met up with Debra lunch who so willingly voluntered to help me out with the assignment since it's her expertise anyway. Met her up in Dome KLCC and as soon as she reached there we started to get down to business. We made our order and continued back with work. Lunch arrived and we talked about other stuff like what happened during Christmas and also what's the plan for the new year. After lunch we continued back with work and thanks to her help I think 80% of the assignment is almost done. Now just to get all of it in words and find the proper references for it. We bid our farewells and since I had nothing to do I went walking around KLCC.

Ended up in the cinema and since the only next show available was Cinta which I have heard so much about from my colleagues I decided to watch that. More on the movie in a later post.

Reached back home around 5+ pm and started with my assignments. Was suppose to meetup with some friends last night but that was suppose to be around 10pm or so. So I lazed around at home trying to find resources for my assignment. Around 8+pm got a call from Suresh asking if I would like to meetup for dinner and since I haven't had dinner I said OK. Met him up in OUG for some "bahkuteh" and we were joined by Felix.

We left there around 9+pm and had a slow drive to Ara Damansara to meetup with the rest of the guys and I brought my notebook together cause the mamak has wifi and the internet in my house has been terrible the past few days. After the rest came my notebook suddenly became public property as everyone started looking for stuff on the internet. Hahahhahaa

Sat around chit chatting and finally decided to call it a night at 3am and drove home tired and sleepy. What a way to spend the first day of the holiday :D