Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My phone died

My phone died because of some unforseen circumstances and now it's in the shop. I hope it can get repaired and it doesn't cost too much and even if they did repair it I hope my contacts are still intact cause that's the only reason I'm trying to repair it in the first place.

Oh yah and for those who accidently got their phone wet and thought they could be a genius by letting it dry and taking it to the shop a few days later hoping they aren't the wiser, well just forget about it cause apparently there's some color coded thing in the phone that changes color when it comes in contact with liquid. Hahahahhaha

Been toying with the idea of getting a new phone as well since it's the Christmas season and all :D and being a Sony Ericsson fan I was spoilt for choices. Been browsing phone shops for the past few days and trying out the different phones but the thing is I don't really need a camera phone and I've already got an mp3 player and I don't need to use 3G as well so the need for a expensive sophisticated phone is not there but the thought of having something shiny and new for Xmas is too tempting :D

The nominees are

1. W950

2. K800

3. W810

4. K750

The logical choice and suits my needs and CHEAP !!!

5. T630

Ahhhhhh decisionssssssssssss