Saturday, December 16, 2006

The wedding ceremony

After yesterdays late night out it was a wonder that I was able to wake up early today for Dennis wedding ceremony in the morning. Had to wake up around 7am because Sam was picking me up around 8am so we can be at Dennis place before 9am.

Got to his place earlier than expected and not many people were around yet so me and Sam went to grab some breakfast nearby anticipating it to be a long day. Somehow I was given the camera and became the photographer for that morning. So I began snapping pictures of the house, the car, the decorations etc. We left to pick the bride up and Dennis drove the car himself because he got a Z3 as his wedding car and we drove around without the top. Hahahhahaha we practically were blocking traffic as I tried to take pictures of him driving the car on the way to the hotel.

When we got there it was the usual chinese tradition where the ladies will have a serious of things the groom needs to do before he is let in to see the bride. Lucky it was in a hotel and there wasn't really much they could force us to do without waking up the next door neighbours. hahahhahaha

So after all the ceremony and taking more pics with the bride's family members we left the hotel to drive back to Dennis's house. Even more picture taking along the way with even more road hogging :D Got back to his place and they had the tea ceremony where the bride and groom will have to serve tea to the parents. Just as everything was over the camera battery dieded. Talk about timing.

We left Dennis place and headed back home to get some rest for the dinner tonight where more havoc will happen :D