Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rage against the work

This past few days has really been totally upsetting. We are in the midst of intergrating our system with some government agency and it's now going into the second week where problem after problem seems to be occuring non stop.

Yesterday our brand new server from Dell which we got last week refused to boot up. It just switched on and gave some stupid error and halted. Truly a WTF moment. Called Dell support and made a big fuss and luckily our service agreement that we have requires them to provide on site support within 4 hours. The bad part is it's already 4+ pm and I will have to wait until the technician arrives.

They arrived earlier than promised and after much troubleshooting the guy finally replaced the motherboard and everything seem to be working again. Reached home around 9pm had maggi for dinner and fell asleep after that.

Today went to check the server to ensure that all services were running and to ensure that the stupid people manage to get the Oracle replication running. Was initially suppose to meet earlier in the morning but they had some meeting and was pushed to 3pm. What is expected to be done at 3pm when they finish work at 5pm I have no idea. Doesn't matter so still drive there to the government department and the server issues was resolved. Phewwww some good news for today but of course it was short lived.

The other vendor had issues connecting to the server and blamed the network/firewall. So now I had to go chase after the network guy to get him to check the settings on the firewall. After checking and making sure the neccessary ports are open it still failed so vendor said had some issues with the database and the person in charge of the database is on leave. WTF moment of the day !!!!!

This has been my work for half a day for the past two weeks. Chasing after incompetent fools and ensuring that their work is done. Do I look like a god damn baby sitter ?? Bloody hell .. to make things worst I plan to take tomorrow off because I have too many leaves and obviously with all this shit happening I can't. So back to work again I come tomorrow to yet again sit down and watch idiots working. Arrrggghhhhhh just kill me !!!

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