Saturday, December 16, 2006

Alumni gathering

Was in the office feeling rather moody yesterday because of all the issues that has been cropping up lately. Plus the fact that I was suppose to be on leave on Thursday and Friday definately didn't make things any better. I got an email from my uni alumni couple of weeks/days back and they were having a reunion yesterday night from 7pm onwards. Initially I was rather undecided if I should attend or not because I have never attended such event before and thought it was quite a formal event.

Made some calls to a few friends from my batch and most of them will not be able to make it except for Callista whom I have not seen in ages since uni, so since she said she was going I decided to check it out as well as I needed to unwind after such a stressfull day at work. The gathering was held in Modestos Hartamas and I left work slightly earlier to avoid traffic as it's been raining the past few days and traffic around that area can be unforgiving.

I reached there quite early and there were only a handfull of people around and I met Raj, VJ, Jeanette, Emily,Ivy,Kenneth and a lot more which I can't exactly remember at the moment. Being early has it's perks and I got to mingle around getting to know some people. The topic of conversation mostly revolved around uni and which campus we went to and when we graduated and also what we were currently up to. There were drinks served as well and I got some white wine.

By the time the crowd starting coming in, it was 8pm plus and got to meet even more people. Most of them know each other and this obviously wasn't the first time they are meeting. Me being a first timer was rather overwhelmed with the amount of people there, I think there were close to 30-40 people occopying 3 long tables. The appetizers started appearing and bottles started disappearing. There was a lucky draw as well and obviously I didn't win anything damnit. Next time I'm going to bring extra name cards so I can drop in an extra few in the bowl :D

Dinner was also awesome. We had the choice of roast lamb,turkey and chicken and I tried all three with the roast lamb being sinfully good. By the time dinner was done, there was no more wine and a group of people were busy enjoying their beer. Some speech from the president of the alumni and even more lucky draw and desserts came up. It was a bit funky well at least to me and not many people finish theirs as well.

All in all it was an awesome event and I'm glad that I made an effort to go. For sure the next alumni gathering I will be there to meetup with some of them and this time with a boxfull of name cards. Most of them started leaving close to 11pm and I just stayed chatting with whoever that was left, which was mostly with Emily and VJ.