Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The 31st

Yesterday night I was feeling a little bored so decided to take a drive to USJ to collect my hands free kit which was sent for warranty. My god it was crazy jam at 9pm at night. Finding a parking was a nightmare but thanks to my lucky stars I got a parking right outside the handphone shop.

Since I was already in Taipan and since I had a proper parking I decided to walk to Baskin to check out the crowd and if it's not too crowded wanted to get some ice cream as well since there's discount and all right.

It was almost 9:30pm when I got there and imagine my suprise when I saw people queuing up all the way to the main entrance and even until the outside of the shop. Pure madness I tell you .. I already got into the whole process of waiting almost few hours for ice cream and no way I want to repeat the process especially when I wasn't feeling too well. So I went in snapped a picture and walked out knowing I just saved myself a few hours of my life from getting agitated and angry and pissed for waiting so long just for ice cream hahahahaha