Sunday, August 12, 2007


Been feeling sick the whole day and to make things worst I had classes from 2pm till 7pm. Practically slept in class and around 5ish decided I just can't take it anymore and before I get worst I decided to head home and get some much needed rest.

Took some meds and fell asleep only to wake up around 9ish or 10ish feeling hungry and bored. Cooked some maggi and listened to some music and tried to go back to sleep and I couldn't !!! Now there's nothing worst than being sick and tired than not being able to sleep argghhhhhh *bang head against wall* going bonkers .. cuckoooooo

Toss and turn .. roll roll roll and until 1ish am I got so bored and here I am posting nothingness hahahahaha .. maybe I should watch a movie or something instead ... might doze of to sleep :D

Update - it's 2am now hahahahaha
Listening to: Simply Red - Home
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