Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (Italy)

Plans were made to arrive there earlier but somehow yet again we were late but this time around we chose a different spot which put us much closer to the fireworks display. The crowd was just amazing especially all those that chose to park by the road. I have no qualms with them parking by the road after all the view from the place they stopped at was good but don't go double or triple park la from a 3 lane highway it was reduced to a 1 lane crawl !!! Typical I tell you typical. Is it so hard to find a park further down and walk a bit ?!?!?!

I was very happy with the spot I pick this time and me and my boo had a lovely time watching the fireworks. The spot was awesome with just the right amount of people and a slight gentle breeze cooling the night and the fireworks lighting up the sky with countless colors. I very much enjoyed the display by the team Italy and their fireworks was just awesome. At time I was so mesmerised that I forgot to take pictures :) hahaha

They even had star shape and heart shape patterns for the fireworks. Once the show was done it was time to face the jam and I can tell you it was just madness. It took me almost 2 hours to reach home. Not only that the most irritating thing is there are people who somehow parked in the middle of the road and are taking their own sweet time to remove their car. Some of them are not even at the car yet leaving their car stranded right in the middle of the lane.

Now I'm thinking twice if I should go for the Japan one, boo said to forget about it hahahahah maybe I should :)


Juan said...

hey, nice ones! what camera you using eh? i went there on the first night but stoopid me forgot tripod...most important thing hehe

and yes, the jam was horrible. it was worst than KL after work jam...

ms.bulat said...

and it's gonna be like this
"did you watch the fireworks bulat?"
"yea!!! i did!! iw atched it twice somemore!!! Kireii nehhhhh(pretty)"
"huh?!! serious? then must be really pakced and all lorh!"
"oh not really i had a decent good view too!"
"serious?! howlarh?"
"by loggin on to"


Alwizbme said...

lucky you.. I was planning to watch this but something came up.. beautiful huh...

chrisy said...

Thank you visiting my blog. Very nice shots of fireworks display.
You must be a professional photographer despite the trafic jam and you are able to go to shoot all the fireworks displays from all participant countries.

George said...

Wow nice shot! Australia would have been far better then! I missed them!