Monday, August 27, 2007 RHB promo

I'm sure you've heard about the living with Ika, Serena C and Pietro by RHB Bank. Well if you haven't then go to website and see the details.

Basically 300 people will be roaming around town with a poster cutout of our breakfast show trio and the one that gets spotted the most will win RM 50,000. If you think you got what it takes to win it then too bad because entries are closed and there are 300 cutouts currently roaming the streets of KL.

Not to worry even if you can't win RM 50k you still can win something. If you spot any one of them and take a picture and get their details you win RM 100 yup that's all you have to do. Take a picture with them and upload to website and if you're a RHB My1 account holder you get an extra RM 100 so you get RM 200 for a 5mins work. Who want to give free money like that !?!?!

So yesterday while I was in Curve I did spot one of them and did take picture with them and this morning when I want to upload the picture I was dissapointed ... grrrrrrrrrrr

The cutout poster of the trio

The website .. yes yes I'm a spotter .. now gimme my RM 100

Ahhhh here is where I upload the photo

Ahhhh what is this ?!?!?!?

I feel cheated !!!! I want my RM 100 NOW !!!!!
Make that RM 200 for wasting time trying to upload pictures !!!!

Update - Tried again after lunch thinking that the server might be overloaded or something and I got this instead

Is this thing even working in the first place ?

Ohhhh the page is evolving .....

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ms.bulat said...

AHRSQWERaRFWWE$@#$#%$^T!!! i saw like 4 that day in 1-u! people carrying it

changeiam said...

hahahah next time you see one of them faster go catch them and take picture !!!


i'm 1 of the participants : btw i was trying to upload the photo under the 'recruit: submit photos' which prompt the same error.... neway do hope u guys can take photo of me n' win rm100...or even rm200 if u RHB holder.... =)yesterday Merdeka i bump into like 6-7 participants... alot chances in Petaling Jaya area....

changeiam said...

cecilia yeah they keep asking people to upload photos and yet it doesn't work .. damn irritating .. good luck on your quest to RM 50k :)