Monday, August 20, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

There's currently a fireworks competition in Putrajaya and since the opening day was on the 18th of August I decided to surprise my boo and brought her to watch the show which promised to be an amazing sight.

We had dinner and the firework show was suppose to start at 10pm and I decided to have a slow drive as I already picked up a spot to view the fireworks display across a lake without having to fight with other people though it was a bit further away from the main place but it should be alright :)

What caught me by surprise is the amount of cars at the Kajang toll exit !!! Totally unexpected spent almost 1/2 hour at the toll plaza and I forgot to top up my touch n go card before leaving. What a time to run out of credit ... hahahahah

Made it to my "chosen" spot to watch the fireworks and it was packed !!! but at least it was not overly crowded and you didn't have to push and shove to watch the show. Thinking that following the typical Malaysian timing the show would be late but then exactly at 10pm the show started and lasted for a good 1/2 hour. Wonder how much of my pocket money contributed to the success of the show !! hahaha

Overall it was good while it lasted but yet somehow it didn't leave a big impression as it seems to be the same type of pattern of fireworks. Hopefully the next one from other countries would be better. If you're heading down to watch the fireworks please don't come and curi my spot ok !! ahhahahahah

Last but not least here are some shots from the show :) Gotta improve more on my fireworks taking skills hahahaha


ahkwong said...

dude your firework shoot nice le!!!

changeiam said...

Thanks it was my first time shooting fireworks and it came out better than expected :)