Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Food Foundry

Was thinking of where to take boo for dinner the other night and was doing some reading on the internet and came across this place called Food Foundry and read some fantastic reviews about the food there so I decided to go there for dinner.

The plan initially was to be there around 7ish pm but I only got there around 8pm and the place was packed. It was fortunate we came when we did because I think we practically got the last table in the place. People who came after us had to stand and wait for an empty table.

Not knowing what to order we just ordered whatever that looked good in the menu hahahah . We ended up ordering Gratin Mussels (Baked cheese mussels), Chili Garlic Aglio Olio Prawn and Chicken Cordon Bleu. The service was quite fast considering the amount of people there which is good but the weird thing is we got our main course before our mussels hahahaha

When I first got my cordon bleu I was like OMG so much mushroom sauce but halfway through I was like OMG not enough mushroom sauce !!! hahaha it was heaven and the mashed potato was good too even boo who don't like mashed potato enjoyed it. The aglio olio is nothing really to shout about and boo said the prawn was not that fresh as well but luckily the mussels made up for it. The cheese not too much and the mussels just cooked perfectly leaving it not too rubbery and chewy.

Saw a newspaper clipping on the wall about their famous Mille Crepe (20 thin layers of French crepe layered smoothly with fresh custards) and we decided to give it a go. There's a few flavours to choose from some of them being chocolate, vanilla and strawberry I think. So we decided to go for the vanilla one and we it arrived it look like those layered cakes you find in pasar malam hahahaha

After taking the first bite I can assure you that it tastes just FANTABULOUS !!! It was so soft and the layers of crepe and custard in between is just heavenly. The dessert totally made up for the waiting period and the big crowd !!! Just loved it !!! A must try if you go there hahahaha it was so good that we wanted to tapao but seeing how stuffed we already were we decided not to and yah the iced latte also rocks !!!!

Aglio oglio

Gratin mussels

Vanilla crepe

All pictures shamelessly copied from Food Foundry site because I was just too hungry to bother about snapping pictures of the food as they arrived !!! hahahaha

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