Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hahahahha what's worst than being sick and tired and not being able to sleep and finally dozing off to sleep ? Waking up few hours after that at ungodly hours and not being able to go back to sleep !!!! hahahahahah madness I tell you ... hmmmmm need to reformat my brain a bit ... seems to be working overtime the past few days

Was in Curve yesterday and remembered that they were unveiling the new proton car and thought I would be seeing a huge crowd around Cineleisure area but alas when I got there I was surprised to see a big box with small peep holes. Where the heck is the car ?

Then only it hit me that we literally had to peep into the hole to see the car. God damn it at least make la the hole bigger I don't really have a perfect eye sight. So you get a little glimpse of certain parts of the car but I think most of us already have an idea of how it looks like with all the pictures of the prototype that has been hitting our streets lately.

Now the next big question is how much is it going to be and how long will the waiting period be !!!! hahahahahah

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TorAa said...

You have a very interesting blog - but since I do live in Europe - it would take some time for me to interpret - OK?