Sunday, August 12, 2007


More ramblings from me as I try to bore myself to sleep hahahah. I have classes at 9:30am and this is definitely not good for my mind, body and soul but what to do really cannot sleep lah !!!

Lots of things running through my mind lately about work, studies, relationship and life in general. It's funny how sometimes no matter how much we try to take matters into our own hand there's always a portion of life that is just out of our control. Call it fate, luck, destiny or anything for that matter but I guess that's life in a nutshell. Always be on the lookout and let the unexpected happen the more you try to resist it the harder it will get. Just go with the flow yo !! hahahah

Work place is in a mess. Everyone is still confused about the future directions of the company and obviously our very own future is at stake too. I do have my own commitments and responsibilities and I'm already so worried, I wonder what about those who are married with children. For sure their burdens are so much heavier. On top of that workload just keeps pilling up and being short of manpower is definitely not helping. With deadlines closer than ever and with problem cropping up everyday it's amazing if the list ever gets finished. I can spend half a day just replying emails and after 20-30 emails and few hours later I realise it's lunch time and work hasn't even started. Time flies when you have things to do and just idles around when you're bored. If only we can deposit some of our free time for later usage when we actually need it hahahahah

Studies is also crazy and this module I'm taking is so broad and general that I have no idea where to focus on and how to do the assignment. We're basically covering total quality management (TQM), business process re engineering (BPR), supply chain management (SCM), just in time (JIT) and a whole lot more. Some people can spend a whole semester just learning about one topic and here we are learning all this in one crammed up month. My head hurts just thinking of the amount of material I have to go through for the exams. By far I think this would be the most difficult subject I've taken. Not difficult per say but definitely one that requires a lot of reading of case studies and best practices of big organisations.

Do you ever get the feeling of just screaming and shouting and even though you're in the middle of a busy street everyone just walks by as if you don't even exist ? Do you ever find yourself pouring your heart and soul out only to realise that you're speaking to a wall ? Do you ever find yourself dropping thinking that's there's someone or something to break your fall only to realise that there's nothing or no one ? Do you have so many things going on in your mind that when you try to speak about them your mind just draws a blank ? Do you get promised the world only to receive disappointment ? Is it true that sometimes somethings are just better left unsaid ? If you're a disgruntled employee would you approach management and voice out your views or would you just sit back and take it ? Hmmmmm food for thought ....

Hmmmm life and relationship. Now that's one thing that has been keeping me sane but other aspects of my life is affecting my happiness and simple things that once brings me joy now no longer satisfy me. Sitting down early in the morning in Starbucks sipping a cup of coffee no longer seems to be a luxury I can afford, in fact come to think of it I can't remember the last time I've been to Starbucks for a cuppa. Definitely has been a while. I'm trying my best to enjoy my leisure time and not let studies and work affect me but it's definitely difficult.

My car is due for a service soon and that's going to cost me some moolahs. Tyres are due for a change soon and that's going to leave a dent in my pocket. Roadtax and insurance is expiring in September. Everything seems to be happening all at once and it's all overwhelming. Can't problems and issues take a number and queue up so that it can be handled one at a time ?!?! hahahah where would the fun of life be then huh ??

Hahahahah ... talk about fate ... just as I was posting this ... this song came on :D
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