Thursday, August 23, 2007

The N73ME

Got myself this phone some time back and since I'm a little bored today decided to blog about it :D I've been using a pda phone for some time now namely the Tre0 650 and wanted something smaller and lighter compared to the Treo 650 and since I've already gone through quite a few PDA devices like the Palm and PocketPC it was time to see what all the fuss about the Symbian OS. Few phones came to mind like the E61i which is basically almost the same size with the Treo and also the SE P990i but finally ended up with the Nokia N73ME because of price and size factor plus it boasts a 3.2MP camera. The N95 did come to mind but it costs more than I can afford.

Being new the symbian world left me a little frustrated when I first started using this phone. Finding a contact or sending message would take forever. Furthermore this was my first Nokia phone and being a long time SE user I was so frustrated sending sms with this phone. The key placement for space and clear was at different locations and took some getting used to.

This phone is part of the N series range of phone and being the music edition in came in a cool all black casing but after holding the K800i in my hands which has a nice rubbery feel to it and has bigger keys I feel the N73 ME to be too plasticky but it makes up for it with it's gorgeous 2.4" QVGA screen with a resolution of 240x320 showing up to 262k colors. The N73 ME runs on the Symbian s60v3 which is already matured and has lots of software which is important to me as I customise the phone to suite my needs.

The keypads area little smaller compared to my K750i which made smsing a little harder as well plus it was even more difficult as sending sms with 1 hand especially when you have made a mistake and need to press the C button which is located at the rightmost bottom of the key pad. Doing so required some acrobatic skills as you try to balance the phone in one hand and press the C key with your thumb at the same time hahaha

The phone came with a 2GB mini-sd memory card and soon it was filled with images captured with the 3.2MP Carl Zeiss equipped lens and not forgetting mp3 files. Images captured during the day on this phone is impressive and it does a good job as a decent entry level digicam but if night shots is important than this phone definitely does not fit the bill. The K800i with it's xenon flash does a much better job at low light photography.

Another thing I don't really like about this phone is it's joystick. It's placed quite recessed into the phone and navigating is quite difficult and down right painful and I mean it literally. The joystick leaves the thumb a little sore after vigorous usage and I wonder how people can use it to actually play games as I gave up after a while.

The one thing unique about this phone is it's stereo speakers allowing 3D sounds as ringing tones. The sound is extremely loud at the loudest setting and there's no more excuse to not hearing the phone while it's ringing.

Initially when I first got the phone I noticed the phone quite slow and laggy especially when opening the menus but after using it a while it feels zippier or the new updates from Nokia might have something to do with it as well.

So far I'm loving the phone and the OS and the screen size. If only the phone has the same casing feel like the K800i I would definitely love this phone a whole lot more.