Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Akon concert

Imagine my surprise when I saw a poster hanging around the streets of Cyberjaya saying that there will be an Akon concert right here in Cyberjaya. The place itself is usually dead and to bring a concert here I wonder how the response will be and the best part was I didn't even know Akon will be in town. Well okay I seldom read the papers but then shouldn't something like this be advertised on the radio and tv ? Hmm okay I don't see that much tv as well and I listen to radio once in a while ... oh well for those of you whose world revolves around your work AKON IS COMING !!! hahahaha

Oh yah I remember last time there was an issue of artists with a record coming into the country or is it just my memory going from bad to worst ? Let's just hope this time around Mr Akon doesn't do anything "interesting" on stage or else it might be his last trip here !!! hahahaha