Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pirates got burnt

Well yah I did get sun burnt in Pangkor but no that was not what I was talking about. It is about the recent hunt that I joined. I'm not a seasoned hunter and only have participated in the hunts which was organised by my company during our company retreat which was organised by a proper experienced organiser with tulips and proper rules and regulations.

Here is a good experience about what the hunt was all about. We being among the first cars to arrive at most of the pitstop saw and experienced first hand how organised the whole event was and after all the drama during the hunt we thought the worst was over but little did we know that the worst has yet to begin.

Some of the seasoned hunters pulled out from the hunt and demanded a refund and they got a cheque and last I heard the cheque has been bounced because of stop cheque order from Srikandi Wawasan who were the organisers of this hunt.

We were promised RM5k cash and a trip when we first signed up for the hunt and during the prize giving ceremony it was announced that we won RM3k and a trip to Kotal Kinabalu (I think). I wonder what happened to the extra RM2k that we were promised. Apparently now there's a lawyer letter to Srikandi/STFOGA.

One of my colleague who was in the hunt was also involved in an accident and the car now is in the workshop waiting for the insurance matters to be resolved. With the bouncing of a few hundred dollar cheque I wonder what will happen with the prize money and her insurance.

Here's a link to more updates on the event. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best