Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mid week ramblings

When you are involved in Project Management I'm sure you've come across risk management and how it entails listing out the possibilities that could disrupt the success of project. Then there's the risk register and lesson learned as well so that the risk is identified and contingency plans are put in place and also previous mistakes are not repeated again. After all failure to plan is planning to fail right ??

How nice if life was a simple and manageable as a project. You can prepare yourself for the worst news ever and tell yourself that you will handle it this manner or that manner but when the time actually comes when your worst nightmares materialise more often than not you are left dumbfounded as to how it happened in the first place even after all the precautions taken to ensure it doesn't happen.

Sometimes god loves to play tricks on us to make us grow stronger as a person. Maybe I have not learned the lesson I'm suppose to learn the last time it happened so now the man decided to make me go through it again ? Hmmmm so kind of him to make sure I learn my lesson hahahahaa

Do you push the disappointment and hurt aside and strive to learn and grow from the experience ? After all if I don't learn my lesson now the man will decide to throw another curve ball my way and this time instead of just hitting me and leaving a bruise it might knock me out cold for good hahahahah. If life gives you lemon make lemonade lor .. right or not ? yeahhhhhhhhhhhh rite hahahahah