Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Simpsons !!!

The Simpsons finally made it to the big screen after many many years. Growing up the the men in yellow definitely brought back some nostalgic memory with their stupid yet funny moments. If you haven't watched it yet then what are you waiting for ? It was just like watching an extended version of Simpsons on the big screen instead of the tube.

Oh yah I remember reading somewhere that all the characters from The Simpsons were going to be in the movie yet I don't remember seeing Patty or Selma ..

I laughed my ass off and almost cried tears of joy. Oh yah watch out for the spider pig and it's impression of Homer and Marge !!! hahahahaah.. remember to pay details to the backdrops and signage .. lotsa unspoken humor as well .. it's was just awesome la !!! D'ohhhhhhhhhh !!!! :D

Will kill for some krispy !!!!!!


lilxcute said...

Lol I watchedd this on the first day it was out. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FARNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I laughed so much from the start where they showed you're and idiot for watching this bla bla bla..

oo krispy kremes? Lolz not that nice lah..I didn't quite like em. too sweet.. I think they are overrated! The normal sugar doughnuts from like starbucks also nicer. BIG!

lynn.wabbit said...

The Simpsons Krispy Kreme were *ultra* sweet >.<
But loved the show nonetheless. It felt like sitting through The Simpsons marathon. Hahaha

changeiam said...

jan yah the show was awesome !! krispy kreme not that nice ?? but you got weird sense of taste :P hahaha

yeah i've got mixed reviews on krispy kreme .. some loved it some said it was over rated .. only way to know is try it myself hahah when you sending some over ?? :D