Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Apple donuts

Was in Curve yesterday walking around the flea market when the smell of donuts suddenly just hit me and had a craving for donuts. Just follow the smell and you'll end up here.

Since we wanted to have lunch later we only decided to try a donut each and after looking at a variety of their donuts which is a lot !!! we ended up with the Witnut (peanut butter) and the other one had chocolate coating with cappuccino filling. For RM2 it was quite a bargain though it was smaller compared to Dunkin Donuts.

We ordered drinks as well and ended up with Jasmine tea and Ice Lemon tea and to our surprise we got an extra 2 donuts and when asked apparently when you order drinks you get a free semi glazed donut. Now isn't that a bargain !!!!

After all the talk about Kripy Kreme I wondered how Big Apple donuts would taste though not like I've ever tasted Krispy Kreme hahahaha. I wanted to take pictures of the donuts but after the first bite I totally forgot about it. The donut was so soft and the filling was not to sweet and every bite was just heavenly. It was not until I was halfway through only did I try to take a picture so forgive me for the half eaten donut !! hhaahahhaha

It's cheaper if you buy them by the dozen so obviously people were doing exactly that. There's durian flavour as well and another one that caught my eye was the oreo one and there's one with cheese that's imported from New Zealand and there's the chocolate coco pops one and mango filling and belgian dark chocolate !! There's just so many flavours to choose from ... must visit them soon to try more !!! awesome !!

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fibrate said...

Hey, I love Big Apple donuts too! My favourites are the peanut butter and the choc banana ones!