Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Add a little twist

It's been ages since I ate potato chips and even if I do it's usually Pringles or something similiar. Did you know that now Twisties are out to compete in the potato chip market as well with their new product called Chipster. I have no idea how new is the product or how long it's been in the market but it's definitely new to me and I love trying new stuff plus I'm a sucker for attractive packaging and Twisties definitely got it right with this one.

As I was eating my chips I was thinking how corporations like Twisties have to keep innovating their products to come up with something new and exiting to an already overcrowded market of snack food and apart from that they have to figure out ways on how to attract and keep their customer to their existing line of snacks. My god my brain is working on overtime nowadays that I can't even sit down and enjoy some potato chips hahahah

It comes in a few flavours but I have only tried the Hot & Spicy and Sour Cream and Onions both of which I absolutely enjoyed to the last bite. It's thin and crispy and not too oily. The only thing I was rather disappointed with was how big the packaging was and how little chips we get. Are we paying for the air inside the bag also ah ?!?!

At least now I have an alternative to my Pringles which I don't seem to enjoy anymore ever since they only sell the "Asean version" and yah Chipsters claim to be using imported potatoes which might explain why it tastes so good ?!?!? Wonder what flavour should I try next hahahah


sE_vIxEn said...

hey dear! ever wonder why Twisties are only sold in Malaysia? i'm curious...

james said...

twisties chipster is not bad at all, but it is quite pricy compared to other potato chips. maybe because the potatoes are imported? anyway, nice blog.