Monday, October 23, 2006

Batu Pahat trip

Okay initially when I started off this morning I thought I was suppose to go Muar, well at least that's what I was told. Left KL around 6:30am and reached Yong Peng exit at around 8am then proceeded to drive to Batu Pahat town along the way we were on the lookout for some shops to have breakfast and can you believe that most of the shops were still closed so we kept on driving until we reached Batu Pahat town itself.

Not knowing where to eat and with most of the shop still closed we ended up in the hawker center beside the Batu Pahat bus terminal. Even at the hawker center there was not many choices available.

My sister ordered chinese nasi lemak with barley ice and it only came up to RM 2.80 which is quite cheap considering the drink only costs RM 0.60

I ordered wantan mee but it was prepared differently compared to KL and it was not too bad but a bit spicier compared to what you can usually find in KL. My dad ordered fried meehoon and it costs RM 5.50 for the both of us.

My mom ordered chinese chicken beriyani. Hahahah it was amazing as you rarely find a chinese selling nasi beriyani let alone for breakfast but considereing it only costs RM 2.50 it's cheap.

Well after breakfast we finished our little trip/mission in Batu Pahat and it was time to head back to KL. We left Batu Pahat around 1pm and the journey was torturous. I had to practically slap myself to keep awake as I was trying my very best not too speed and follow the speed limit as it was the festive season and there were many speed traps around but I couldn't last that long and had some short sprints whenever I felt sleepy. Hahahhaha but wasn't really helping that much as I still felt sleepy few minutes after the short adreline rush. Decided to get some coffee and where else to get one other than Starbucks. Hahahhaha iced Americano venti please ... slurrpssss ... hahahah

You know you're addicted to caffeine when you go out of the way just to get a cuppa. God damn it ... all this is TN's fault !!!!!! arrrrghhh must resist the darkside .. but it's tooooooo good .....

Aahhhh my precioussssssssssssss ... and this was even before I reached the toll .. hahahahahah ... damn thirsty laaaa :D


AA said...

Americano Anonymous!!!

changeiam said...

Americano is gewdssss !!