Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Night out in KL

Had dinner with CT yesterday in Hartamas Square. The food there is not too bad and CT had a feast. Was suppose to meetup with some other friends for some drinks but that was much later at night. So here we were chillin just enjoying dinner which was a lot btw, which suprisingly was gobbled up by CT in a blink of an eye. Hahahahh. After dinner went to check out one of the DVD store nearby cause CT wanted to get some movies but in the end we left empty handed. Good for ya CT see you can control your urge to spend when you want to :p ahhahaha

So after dinner head down to KL to meet the guys for some drinks and I reached there around 10:30 pm or so. Tried calling but the stupid phone network had some problem. So walked around aimlessly as I have no idea where to meetup or where we are suppose to go. Can you imagine that .. hahahahah .. tried many times but the stupid network must have been congested with all the raya calls and greetings flying around. Tried to use a public phone as well and I got so many coins stuck in the payphone until I lost count on the amount used.

Finally used the payphone in one of the hotels and still can't get through. Damn stupid. So here I was in KL all alone wandering around the streets. On the other hand KL was pretty deserted. Got a little bored so got in the car and took a drive around KL hotpots. So now I finally know where is Zouk, Rum Jungle etc hahahahahha ..

As I was leaving KL which was around 12am it started raining. It's like a sign from god telling me to go home. Was on federal highway when finally my phone decided to come alive and connect me back to the world of living. Hahahah so my friend forced me to drive back to KL where finally I manage to join them for some drinks. We decided to call it a night after the fun juice ran out which was around 2am.

As I was leaving KL got into a massive jam along the Pudu jail road. I suck at road names. I thought it was some accident or something but seeing the flashing blue light only meant one thing. jeng jeng jeng ... roadblock. I was lucky enough to go through but my friend who left at the same time kena. We're suppose to head out again tonite this time I'm making sure where we're suppose to go in case the phone networks decided to have a strike again. Hahahahah

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