Monday, October 09, 2006

Hot bloody hazy Sunday

Woke up on Sunday only to find that the house was emtpy. You definately know something is wrong with your life when it's your parents that go disappearing on the weekends and you're left home alone. Hahahahaha. Manage to get some posts up yesterday before heading out.

There's something wrong with my homepc. I think the hard disk decided to take a break on me so I had to go KL to get a replacement. Since I was already in KL I headed to Cetiarbank to deposit some money and after that headed over to Berjaya Times Square to get some books in Borders. I seem to be buying quite a few book lately, more on that later when I start to actually read them. Nowdays spending time reading a book seem to be something I'm looking forward to. OMG what's happening to meeeeee.

The haze situation in KL isn't getting any better as well. I could hardly see KLCC from BTS. It was pretty bad. Here's a picture taken around 2pm on what was suppose to be a bright Sunday afternoon. You can barely make out the Twin Tower but then again the camera I was using is not some super duper sophisticated one so probably it made is look slightly worst than what it really was. Hahaha

The night was just as bad and it damn bloody hot, had to increase the air cond or else would have died from the heat. When is this haze going to go away !!!!

Haze, Haze, go away.
Come again some other day.
Little me wants to play,
In the meadow by the hay.