Sunday, October 08, 2006

Long lost friends

I haven't been keeping in touch with some of my friends for quite some time and since I wanted to make it a point to make my presence known again I decided to try to track them down one by one. Hahahahah it really was quite a daunting task as I've not seen or heard from some of them for almost 5 years or more and had no idea where or how to even to get their contact details.

After some digging I manage to get in touch with some of my friends whom I've never seen for almost 6 years. Sent them an email hoping I got the right person and presto I was once again in touch with them. We decided to meet up and catch up and good old times so the place and time was set. I was rather skeptical on the meetup since it's been ages since I met any of them and basically it was my fault that we drifted apart in the first place. Plus the fact that we haven't been in touch for ages got me wondering if we have anything left in common and if we'll be able to have a decent conversation like we used to or end up with awkward moments of silence with us just staring at each other or even worst not looking at each other at all. Hahahahhaha. Also with all that has been happening in my life recently I wasn't sure I would make such great company and as usual become to doubt my decision and myself.

So it was a Friday night and I was looking forward to the dinner that we had arranged and since I got off from work earlier I decided to head back home and have a shower before heading out again. We were suppose to meet around 7:30 pm or so but my workaholic friend (CT) who was still stuck in the office only made it around 8:30pm or so well better late than never. It was definitely nice to see a familiar face once again after such a long time. We ordered our food and started off with the usual chit chat and before long we were talking non stop hahahaha. Even though we haven't seen each other for 6 years but it seem like it was only yesterday I had last met CT and it felt so natural and comfortable and we could talk about anything and that's exactly what we did. Not sure when we'll be meeting again but hopefully soon enough.

So Saturday was a rather a boring day with me waking up late after Friday's interesting dinner with CT. Since the car was due for service decided to head over to the workshop. So there I was waiting for my car to get serviced and decided to call up another friend (WK) to say I'm still alive and well. We plan to meet up for drinks later in the afternoon since WK was around the area as well but somehow it didn't happen as WK was busy running around doing some errands and I was still stuck in the workshop. So we postponed it to Sunday instead but while I was lazing around at home in front of the tele at night WK text me and asked if I was interested in meeting up so I agreed since I had nothing to do anyway. We met up for drinks and started filling the gaps as to what happened in our lives. Obviously not everything could be covered in such a short time but we generally got an idea as to what was happening and how life has been treating us. The place we met was a bit noisy and we had to shout at certain point but we manage to have quite a decent conversation. Hopefully we'll be able to meetup again soon.

Now comes the difficult part, when should I call them to meetup again. They obviously have their own friends and their own plans and with me suddenly appearing out of no where how do I get back into their life without getting too pushy or sounding too desperate ?? hhahahahah Even though we used to spend a lot of time together last time and even though they have not changed that much but definitely their lifestyle and work commitments would have some impact to their free time and with whom they spend it with. My life pales in comparison and I feel I'm such a bore and have not accomplished much compared to them. It's like while I was sitting at home mopping and getting depressed they were out there enjoying themselves and grabbing life by the balls and taking what they want and need out of it. Feels like whatever I've been doing has been so insignificant ... grrrrrrrr ... *mental note ...MUST STOP COMPARING ... arrgghhhh ... * Well we'll see how it goes.

I'm totally happy that even though I have disappeared for some time they still treasure the friendship we have and are just as excited with my return as I am with their openness and warmness and understanding to my situation. It's totally mind boggling how we could still talk like as though I was never away. I'm now taking the initiative to make up for my disappearing act and would like to thank my friends for letting me once again appear in their life. I'm definitely sorry for not keeping in touch, hopefully it will never happen again and we'll continue to have more happy memories in the times to come.