Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dinner and a movie

Called up TN to see if he was free for lunch and TN was busy in KL looking at handphones and told me that they will be meeting up for dinner instead. So I met another friend of mine AU for lunch in Klang instead. TN then called me and said they will be meeting up around 8ish for dinner. I wasn't even aware of the time and me and AU have been sitting there for almost 3+ hours just chatting. Hahahahahha .. time flies man.

Head over to 1U to pick TN up and then we headed to Chili's. TN said they will be watching a movie later and asked if I wanted to join. Since I had nothing better to do I obviously didn't turn down the offer. Since we were there earlier and there was a queue in Chili's we put our names on the waiting list first. We hoped over to GSC to get tickets for the movie. TN already got tickets much earlier and we were hoping to at least be able to get a ticket on the same row. So when it was our turn at the counter we asked for The Covenant and the guy looked at the screen and said no shows today only tomorrow so we were trying to look for The Covenant on the list as well and to our suprise it wasn't there. TN was like WTF dude I bought tickets for the show and proceeded to show the guy his ticket. Then he who was equally suprised took it to show the manager and then no idea what the manager did and the movie was on the list again. To our amazement I was able to get seats beside them and I think they haven't sold many tickets since TN bought the ticket a few nights back. Just my luck ... hahahaha

So we head over to Chili's where we were joined by AA and AD. I haven't been to Chili's in ages I think the last time being almost 10 years ago. Ordered the Cajun Chicken pasta thingy while TN ordered a burger and I forgot what AA ordered while AD was on a liquid diet. We had a round of VB (Victoria Bitter) while enjoying our dinner and as usual taking crap. TN was called up half way through dinner to submit his weekly progress report to the high council .. hahahaha .. AD's phone was ringing non stop as well. What amazes me the most is how AD has different greeting for each person that calls. Not personalised ring tones but his own personalised greeting. Hahahahah .. for one person it could be "Wassup", for another "Sup bitch", for people he don't know it was "Hello" hahahahahah ...

After dinner was done we had another round of VB and that's when we could sit back and relax and enjoy the view the place has to offer. The table behind us had a group of people busy chatting and taking pictures and it was damn hilarious some of the poses they come up with. TN being a loyal camwhore couldn't let them steal all the fun and even though he didn't have his camera with him made do with his camera phone. There was this one girl that walked in and the whole table was silent while admiring her and at the same time arguing what color top she was wearing. We were left with 3 gueses that night one being pink another magenta and I forgot what was the third, obviously we didn't get our answer. hahahahah.

We still had about an hour or so to kill before the movie started and what better way than to have another round of VB so we called the waiter and away he went and when he came back empty handed and to our horror told us they were out of VB ... god damn it how can you be out of VB .. we only ordered 8 ... I gave TN the comment card for him to fill in .. hahaha .. how can they do this to us ... they will regret this day ... REVENGE IS SWEET !!! All this while there was this two girls that came in and got a table next to ours .. and the amount of noise and laughing that was happening at our table must have scared them a bit cause they kept looking at us funny ... either that or they must have been checking TN out .. hahahahaha ..

So it was time to finally bid Chili's farewell and head over to the cinema. AD didn't join us for the show as he's already seen it. So we got to the cinema and the show was not too bad .. except for the fighting scene ... OMG it's like Street Fighters .. ahhhboookin .. hahahaha..

After the movie was over TN said he got an invite to attend somebody's birthday party in Poppy's. Normally I would have said yes but since I've been out of the house since afternoon I was feeling rather tired and we were going out to Zouk the next night anyway so I gave it a miss. Sent TN back and I head home wondering what joys tomorrow will bring :D


TN said...


fuiyo.. like programming

AA said...

Eh.. here also I get called Alcoholic Anonymous. On another blog I'm the mabuk cow. What is this?

changeiam said...

ahahhah .. once a techie always a techie .. how more cryptic can I get ... LOL

AA is chopped on your forehead wei !! hahahah