Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stormy Monday but Tuesday just as bad

Well after yesterday night enlightning experience decided to get out of the house and do something other than sitting down and wondering. Called up a friend TN to meetup for lunch. He sent his car for service so I picked him and and we went to Shogun for lunch. There was quite a good mix of food available for us to choose from but not everything was Japanese there was even mee goreng and meehon goreng I think. Hahahahah ..

After lunch we headed to Starbucks to grab some coffee while sitting down and relaxing and talking about how to become millionaires. As we were enjoying our Americano which was my very first time ordering it we overheard a group of people sitting at the next table preparing for some presentation with a client. My guess is they probably were some freelance worker/students. After enjoying my very first Americano we decided to walk around a bit to digest the food a bit. Still was feeling damn full though I feel I ate so much lesser than what I would have normally eaten.

We ended up in Geeks ?? I think that's what it was called and TN got a phone call and was busy so I decided to check out the new Asus P525 pda phone. More on that at a later time Suffice to say I've fallen in love. Hahahahah. Anyone want to get me one for Xmas ?!?! TN got off the phone and said his compressor was shot and needs to be replaced with a new unit which sounded obscenely expensive. Since TN car was not about to get ready anytime soon I suggested we go watch a movie to kill time and to let TN chill a bit. Hahahah.

Suprisingly we got pretty good seats considering there were loads of people there and it was a public holiday. So we head over to the cinema and sat down waiting for the movie to start. I think we barely sat down for 5 mins and TN got another phone call and he went away. When he came back he said his mofo mechanic crashed his car. I was like WTF. So we skipped the movie and head over to the police station.

When I got there TN was already there and said his car was in pretty bad shape. So we went to the police station to make the report. It took some time since it was a public holiday and it being a puasa month. After TN mechanic saw the IO (Investigating Officer .. i think) they came out to get pictures of the car and the police guy kept telling TN and me that the mechanic story somehow doesn't sound right but they will go over to the place of the accident and check it out anyway. Hope everything turns out okay for him .. since it's suppose to be his month of celebration.

For those who seldom go to Starbucks like myself who only knows how to enjoy his coffee in the local kopitiam where coffee is just known as coffee here is something I got from the web.

Latte Lingo

"What will you have?"

Do these words at the espresso counter leave you a little speechless? Not sure how to order the coffee drink you're craving? Learn the espresso lingo here, and you'll be able to step right up and rattle off your order like the most seasoned espresso drinker.

That really nice person behind the Starbucks counter who knows the recipe for perfect espresso and can decode your order and deliver exactly what you want.

The standard one fluid ounce serving of espresso. Each well "pulled" shot is composed of three layers: the heart, the body and the crema -the top layer of caramel-colored foam that starts to dissipate seconds after the shot is poured.

Espresso (E-SPRE'-SO)
The concentrated coffee "essence" brewed from our own Espresso Roast beans. Espresso is served alone in a demitasse or used as the basis for one of our specialty beverages.

Espresso Con Pana
A shot of espresso capped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Espresso Macchiato
A shot of espresso capped with a light lid of foamed milk.

Caffè Latte
A soothing beverage composed of three layers: a freshly drawn shot of espresso, milk steamed and poured to fill the cup and finally, a quarter-inch dollop of foamed milk to create a delicate first impression. A Latte Macchiato is made in a similar fashion to a Caffè Latte except the espresso is poured over the steamed milk, thus "marking" the milk.

Caffè Mocha
A classic combination of a freshly pulled espresso shot and highest quality chocolate blended with fresh steamed milk. Often topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a light sprinkling of cocoa powder.

A typical Italian breakfast beverage using less steamed milk and more foamed milk than the Caffè Latte. Cappuccino can be ordered "dry" for an extra foamy cup or "wet" for a more milky drink.

Caffè Americano
Our deep, rich espresso combined with hot water. The result is a cup of full-flavored coffee with the distinct taste of espresso.


A one fluid ounce serving of straight espresso, served alone or with steamed milk in an espresso beverage. The standard for most short and tall espresso drinks.

Two one fluid ounce servings of straight espresso. This is the standard for Grande and Venti beverages, but if you want your tall Caffè Latte doubly strong, you'd better ask.

At Starbucks, an eight fluid ounce beverage, perfect for an after-dinner coffee.


At Starbucks, a 12 fluid ounce beverage. This is the most popular size.


At Starbucks, a 16 fluid ounce beverage. When you need an extra boost.


All the milk, hold the fat. Order a non-fat Caffè Latte if you want skim milk.

No foam

Don't like the way the frothed milk on your Caffè Latte tickles your nose? Order it "no foam," and you'll get only espresso and steamed milk.


More foam than milk. If you like your Cappuccino really light and airy, order it "dry."

Extra foam

Foam keeps your espresso drink hot, so if you're taking it to go, you might want to order "extra foam."

With room

Short for "I'd like to add cream to my Americano, so please leave me some room in my cup."

Short for "whipped cream." Want to save a few calories in your Caffè Mocha? Order it "no whip."

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Almond

Add this to your order if you'd like a shot of flavor syrup added to your beverage.

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