Saturday, October 14, 2006

What a night .. hic .. burrppp

So after many times being too busy with work CT finally manage to get off work today and we met up for dinner. It was a nice cozy restaurant in Damansara. Wasn't crowded at all and the music was just nice. Not too loud not too soft and they were playing my kind of music. Wooottt !!!

Reached there before 9pm and what do I see, CT trying to get online to check mail. OMG CT wei get a life !!! hahahha so even if CT manage to physically get away from the office but the work decided to join for dinner as well. They have wifi there as well but it was a secured network so we decided to leech from the TMnet hotpot next door. Hahahah

Dinner was great I had marinara spagethi and I forgot what CT had. I also ordered garlic bread and it was to die for. I love garlic bread and theirs were good. They even had a layer of cheese on top of the bread. Just thinking of it gets my mouth all watery.

CT was having white wine and I decided to get a glass as well but CT suggested to just get a bottle instead. So here we were sitting enjoying dinner sipping the lovely white wine which I seriously LOVE !!! I'm not really a wine connesiour so I have no idea what wine we got but the taste was something I like. All I know was it was an Australian wine and at the back label it suggested trying to drink it while having thai food. Hahahahhaha.

Apart from CT being busy checking the laptop every once in a while and the sms/calls on CT's two handphones !!! It was a lovely dinner oh and I also got a call but that's another story for another time. CT finally decided to forget about work and kept the laptop. THANK GOD !!! hahahaha so as we were talking while sipping the wine suddenly I heard sobs from the table behind us. At first CT never realise and when the crying got louder CT looked at me and asked is she crying ?? I said yup what do you think. There were two ladies and a guy there. They were happily talking to each other while the poor girl was crying her head off. I don't know what's her problem but then at least her friends should console her when she's crying right. Anyway that's other people's problem I have enough on my own.

So we decided to call it a night and after having one whole bottle of wine just the two of us. Was feeling a little light headed. Hahahahh got home in one piece and just fell asleep. Thanks CT for finally taking the time off from work .. well sort of anyway ... hahahaha .. we should do it again some time soon.