Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Saturday - Part 1 (Pool Party)

So it was Saturday and almost half the day was gone. With nothing to do the next day decided to catch a movie and headed to Cineleisure to get the tickets. Have heard some good things about The Prestige so decided to see that. Called up CT to see if CT was interested in watching or not since the rest of my friends already watched the show. CT agreed and so I got the tickets. I haven't been there before so this will be my first time in Cineleisure. The place seems decent enough.

After I got the tickets called up TN to find out what the plans was for the night and TN was in Starbucks having a drink and said most probably they will be heading out later around 9 or 10pm as they wanted to check out a few places first before ending up in Zouk. Called up CT and informed I got the tickets at the same time CT asked me my plans for tonight and told CT that will be heading down to Zouk tonight much later so since I had no dinner plans CT invited me to join a small pool party and everyone will be bringing food. So I headed over to Tesco to get some pizza as I have no idea what else to buy and CT said buy what I felt like eating and I felt like eating pizza. hahahahah.

As I was walking through the Curve I bumped into TN who was with AC, what are the chances of that cause I thought he was somewhere else. So I joined them a while enjoying the Saturday evening view. Few minutes later another friend JS joined us as well. After about 1/2 hour I decided to go get the pizza and bid the guys farewell but not before confirming the plans with TN first for tonite.

So I got the pizza and arrived at CT place and we head over to the pool. There were already some people around and there was this guy Adrian trying to start the fire. OMG they were having a barbeque and here I'm walking in with pizza in my hand. CT grrrrrrrr never tell me also that it's a barbeque if not I would have gotten something else. Oh well at least we'll have something to eat while waiting for the food to be grilled/cooked.

So everyone started coming one by one and by 8pm after me and CT took over the barbie pit we were ready for some action. The coal were glowing red and the food was cooking. There were about 10-12 people in total including me and CT with 3-4 bottles of alcohol. Muahahahahha .. awesomeness. Started off with vodka ribena. Hahaha .. taste kinda okay first time trying that usually it's vodka orange. Most of them basically knew each other and were college/uni/working mates so was feeling kinda left out but never mind I still had my vodka to keep me company.

As the night went on and everyone enjoying the food and drinks and sitting down chatting, CT who was working up a sweat being beside the pit most of the time decided to jump into the pool. That's when the fun began. Slowly one by one everyone was thrown into the pool hahahah it was damn hilarious cause one guy was practically stripped before being thrown into the pool by two gorgeous looking women some more. Lucky bastard. Hahahahha. Not only was he forced into the pool by two ladies but once he was in the pool they also got in and when they got out the poor guy was left in the pool only in his underwear hahahaha lucky it was already night and you can't really see much. So there he was in the pool begging for his shorts back. Better him than me though having two females trying to strip me would be a whole new experience on it's own hahahahahaha

So after most of them were already thrown in the pool there was a handfull of us left who were still dry and the attention was suddenly focused on me .. I was like .. don't you all dare !!! i wanna go partying laterrrrrrr .. ahhahahah .. so thank god they believed me and left me alone or else I would have to go back and change before heading out again .. so as the night went by and drinks slowly finishing, they decided to call it a night and I began starting to feel the effects of all the drinks was wondering what time was it and why TN hasn't call me yet and it was already 11+pm ahhhhh ... TN apa jadi ?? hahahaha .. helped them to cleanup the place and then I helped CT to carry the leftover back to the apartment where we were joined by two other friends who wanted to change because they brought extra clothes in anticipation of being thrown into the pool. Obviously this is not the first time this has happened. hahaha

So sat around CT's place chilling while waiting for the brain to clear up a bit from all the drinking. I think about 1/2 hr later TN called and said they are heading to Zouk now, I think TN also must have had one too many la until forgot to call. Hahahahah .. soooo the 2nd part of the night was spent in zouk ... to be continued .. hahahaha

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