Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My money burner

Most of the people that know me know that I'm crazy about cars well I'm more of an enthusiast la. Hahahaha and I've been into track driving since .... ermmmm ... 2001 I think bringing my stock standard Proton Wira to Batu 3 which has since been demolished and now only place left to have some safe fun is Sepang F1 circuit which is quite a distance but has much wider lanes and a slimmer chances of you ending up against a wall.

Last weekend a few friends headed to Sepang for an open track day but I was still recovering from my surgery plus the fact that I was a bit low on cash, hence I didn't join them but a friend of mine manage to take an in car shot of Sepang track so for those who have not been in Sepang before here's what you can expect !!! The adrenaline rush is pure ecstasy even just by watching the video it get's my heart pumping and palms sweaty. It's a feeling that's hard to describe in words, just you and your ride with wide open road pushing your car to the limit and sometimes over the limit but still maintaining your limit. Huh .. am I making any sense .. hahahaha ..

Here's the video that I mentioned ... the video starts off at the last corner heading towards the grandstand and start/finish line. OMG I can't wait to join the next open track day .. here's a layout of the track.