Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Saturday - Part 2 (Zouk - Velvet Undergound)

So I told TN that I will be there ASAP so bid farewell to CT and to KL I drove. Reached Zouk like around 1am and TN asked me to park the car at the Maya Hotel. Parked the car and proceeded to Zouk and called TN he asked me to wait while he settles the entrance for me. TN got PR in Zouk .. ahhahahaah .. thanks a lot bro ... you the man !!! :D

First time there and TN brought me to Velvet Underground. The place was damn packed man and met up with AA, AD,KK and a few other people. We were having a good time, the company was awesome and the music was superb. In between all the dancing and drinking we manage to take pictures also and TN the camwhore manages to strike a pose whenever he detects the presence of a camera hahahaha ... and before we knew it the lights came on and it was time to say good bye. We sat a while continuing to take pictures as it was KK's birthday, once most of the people were gone we headed back out to the entrance.

When we got there we couldn't help but notice this one guy holding a manequin (half body transparent type) and he was obviously wasted and kept asking everyone passing by to squeeze the manequin's boobs. Hahahahah TN was approached by him and was forced to carress the boobs but he refused .. ahhahaha but KK who was also a little high joined in the fun .. haahha .. they then decided to head to somewhere in Petaling Street to have something to eat.

Since I had no idea where the place was I asked TN to follow me while AD and AA went together. While we were walking to the car we met the drunkard with the manequin again .. I wasn't looking at where I was walking and walked into this water/pool thingy in the hotel and the drunkard who thought I was having fun without him decided to jump in as well I was trying to get out and he kept pulling me back in. Lucky his friend came to my rescue and both of them stumbled into the water together .. ahahahh that's when the security came shouting at us. Me and TN got out of there as soon as possible.

As we head out of the hotel parking there was a car on the opposite direction and smoke was coming out of the car and people were starting to crowd around. We thought the car broke down or something but as we approached nearer we saw the car got involved in an accident right in front of Zouk entrace. Good luck to them when the police arrives. So we reached the makan place and we were the last ones there. While we were eating KK kept thanking everyone for coming and kept telling us he was drunk. Hahahahahaa .. damn farneeeeee ... so after makan it was time to go back .. reached home like 5 am or so and straight away fell asleep. Was damn bloody tired and the next day I need to wake up for the movie. It was one helluva night and it was fun though I wished it would have lasted a little longer. Felt like damn fast the time went by.


AA said...

Time flies when you are having fun...

changeiam said...

yah man .. especially that night with all the great people around .. it seems like an instant