Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Guys night out

So we met up at Bangsar first to decided where to go and what to do. My friend Jeg was getting married soon and they wanted to have a guys night out and Jeg invited me along as well. We met up around 10:30pm and the rest of his friends arrived around 11pm. After much deliberation we decided to head down to KL town for some partying. We got into one car and away we went.

Initially we wanted to go to Rum Jungle but when we reached there it was rather packed and we ended up in Poppy where we got a bottle and were brought in. The place was quite packed also but being my first time there my friend Jeg said it's usually much more crowded. So we finally manage to get a place inside and the 5 of us got started on the drinks.

After a while we decided to check out the dance floor, one thing I can't understand is why the heck is the dance floor wet. It's like a mini flood but that didn't stop us from shaking our tailfeathers and the music is not too bad either. Another guy joined us much later but he had trouble contacting us and endedup paying for the cover charge and had a glass of champagne. Hahahah. So we finished off our drinks and had like 2 mixer cards left. It was already 3am and not wanting the night to end just yet they decided to head over to Sunway, me being a passenger just follow only la.

By the time we reached Sunway it was almost 4 am and since it's a bachelor's night out it wouldn't be complete without some action. Well I will not elaborate further but suffice to say I've only heard of such things before and this was my first time in such a place and seeing it with my own two eyes. One of the guys decided to get jiggy with it while the rest of us feeling hungry decided to go hunt some food instead.

So once again we were in the car heading towards Kl ... hahahahah... we ended up in some Bahkuteh shop near Jln Ipoh and seeing that it was almost 5 am the place was packed with people who finished their clubbing activities and wanted some food. The 4 of us ordered the food while waiting for the other two to come from the extracuricular activities in Sunway. The food was not too bad but seeing as to how hungry I was I just wallop whatever that was in front of me. The rice is not too bad either it's not plain rice had some fried onion and god knows what else.

So we finally reached Bangsar close to 6am when we finally decided to call it a night .. ermm morning ?? It was one helluva night and a night I definately will not forget anytime soon. Mr Jeg hope you have a long and lasting marriage and may you and your wife have a little kid next year. Thanks for dragging me out and your friends are crazy in a good kind of way ... Muahahahahah