Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ole Skool Friends

Met up with some friends yesterday night for dinner. The last we met was some where around last year when one of the guys came back from Oz and this year is the same. When he's back we'll all try to meet. Have known them since secondary school and boy does time fly. We tried out this restaurant called Dragon-I in Sunway Pyramid. One of the guys was working for the company and we got to eat for free. Hahahha .. Thank you very much Mr SKF.

It was a chinese restaurtant that serves chinese delicacies paus, noodles, rice and others. The place was rather exotic looking with a very nice ambience. We got the seat near the window facing Sunway Pyramid but since it was already at night there wasn't much to look at. Definately would have been a splendid view during the day. Suprisingly the place had quite a lot of people even for a weekday. One of the guys is also going to get married this year. Congratulations to Mr DC. Seems like most of my friends are already married or having kids leaving poor ole me alone. It's suprising to see people whom were the "rascals" in school now being responsible husbands and fathers. With my current situation seems like I still have a long way to go. Hahahah. So the food was good and the company was great but guys being guys we had to have a few drinks before calling it a night.

So we head over to ermmm ... okay I forgot the place. It was beside Dome, something jungle I think. Then the basic questions came like where you're still working, when you're getting married, when having kids, how much work sucks, how to make more money, how to start own business. Hahahahahah ...

I've known some of them since I was 13 which means I've know them for 15 years now, which is damn long though not everyone has remained close but just the ability for us who have gone their own different paths to come together and just sit down and talk about our experiences with life and work is really amazing.. well to me at least. The only thing we have in common is we used to know each other during secondary school and now here we are 11 years later after leaving school sitting down and chatting about the mysteries of life and of course the drinks does help loosen things up a bit as well .. hahahaha

It was nice to see familiar faces once again and hopefully we'll be meeting more often but that's what we said last year and it took us one whole year to meet again. Probably the next time we meet most will be having kids already. It's good to know that we still have our friendship after all this time. Cheers guys !!!