Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th !!!

It's in !!! I love this place I'm working in. It's only the 13th and my salary is already in because of the festive season nest week. The company wants us to contribute to the economy. The good thing about that is tomorrow can go shopping the bad thing is I have to wait till end of next month for the next paycheck.

CT couldn't make it again last night for dinner but we ended up talking instead. CT asked me my birth details to be filled in some site to get my horoscope reading. It was quite accurate except for my love life part. God damn it what have I been doing all these years apparently I need to be out there getting jiggy with it. Hahahaha. Will post it later when I get back home. You can try it and see if you want to know your own reading. Check it out here.

So today is Friday the 13th for those who believe in such a thing. So far nothing bad has happened yet *touch wood*. Guess I will be at home today trying to fix my god damned pc. Arghhhhhh

Personality and Character

You are quite a demanding person once you have decided what you want. As an optimistic person you'll always tell your friends how fabulous/marvelous the day has been. Goodness and virtue are your traits. A handy person, you can fix almost everything, rearrange furniture better than most people. You are a sore loser and cannot take setbacks kindly. You are also quick in making friends and do not mind in giving pep talks or offer help to them because you enjoy praise and respect in return.

You are a gifted person who can accomplish a great deal if properly motivated. You are also good at know-how to manage, handle and use others through your diplomatic talent. You are fast in reacting to situations, catching opportunities and can see what people want from you.

Romance and Compatibilities

You fall in love instantly, considered as being sexy people and are constantly involved romantically. You are known for not being sentimental and your quick impulse may lead you to love disappointment in the long run. It is very easy to reveal yourself if your mate or lover can engage you intimately. You are most compatible to Leo and Sagittarius born in Tiger/Dog years.

You are suave, clever and quite popular with women. Good at seducing, you can have many one-night stands.


When young you aspire to be an actor, singer or artist. But due to your self-realization, you will choose to pursue a more secure career. As an independent worker you make a better boss than employee. Any professions that need fast decisions are suitable for you such as computer programmer, journalist, pilot, translator or advertising jobs.

You will achieve much success in the financial field like mortgages, financial futures, stock broking and money market. You are capable in planning, building, developing and operating a business enterprise. In short, you hope to become a capitalist and you often associate with people in high places.

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