Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rain or shine

Was suppose to go shopping yesterday but I was so damn lazy and wanted to just laze around at home. Finally manage to get my homepc working but I had to resort to reinstalling a fresh copy of Win XP so now I have to start reinstalling programs one by one but at least now I can get access to all my files and continues watching my movies... ahhhhh my precioussssssss ... so instead of going out shopping ended up doing some cleaning but the mess seems to be still piled up in one corner. Ahhhhh will leave it for another day.

Streamyx seems to be having PMS these past few days I would keep getting disconnected ever so often till the point I was so damn irritated and wanted to go to the nearest wifi spot but since my homepc was up and I could continue watching my movies I just decided to do that. Today is the same but seems to be slightly better. Not sure if it's just me or is everyone also having the same problem.

Since I spent the whole day lazing yesterday decided to go out today. Woke up early and called up a few friends but all seem to be still asleep so I was left to eat lunch alone. Had seafood noodles in Segambut. Highly recommended !!! Dropped by BTS (Berjaya Times Square) a while to go get something and I got an sms from WK saying that we could meet up for some drinks after lunch.

So we met up in Subang for a cuppa coffee and I tried the Americano again but this time a hot steaming Venti instead. Muahahahah. It was good !!! God damn it I'm starting to get addicted to coffee again. I thought I could stay away but it's calling out my nameeeeeee ... noooooooo ... bad bad this is bad....

As we were sitting down drinking our coffee and chatting it suddenly decided to rain and the lightning was quite frightful so we decided to call it a day before it started pouring. As I was driving back home the stupid car wiper decided to take a break and it was bloody pouring and I could barely make out the road. Lucky I was quite near the house but it was still damn difficult to make out the road and cars. Managed to reach home in one piece. Need to get the wiper checked soon as it's the rainy season now.