Friday, October 27, 2006

Friendster Cafe

Met up with CT for dinner after being trapped in the house for the whole day. There's only so much alone time a person can handle and I've reached my limits. Seeing that many places are still closed because of Raya we didn't have any idea on where we should go. Finally we ended up in Friendster Cafe in Damansara. It was a nice little place with a dining area and also some sofa's for those who want to just have a drink or play card/board games etc. CT brought the laptop as well hoping to check some mails and even though the place has wifi, we couldn't figure out how to connect to the network because it was using a secured network.

Initially just had some finger food because the waiter said that the kitchen was closed but after seeing the table next door order some proper food I decided to order a burger since I wasn't that hungry. So we had our dinner and I told CT about my adventures in KL. Hahahahahah ... CT said I was mad !!! Well CHANGE.I.AM !! hahahahaha .. once we were done with dinner we decided to call it a night and we parted.