Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Performancing update

I was talking to a friend about performancing recently and the inability to set the font and he said just go and edit the template and set it what font you want lah. Then it hit me like a brick. OMG hahahaha how could I not think of that even though I'm working with CSS almost every other day.

So here I am trying to post via performancing again but I seem to be having some weird ATOM error message once in a while. Still looking into it at the moment. Also installed OakFlickr4PFF which can be downloaded from here. Basically it's a plugin for performancing that allows you to either drag and drop the photos into the performancing editor and it will upload the files automatically into Flickr. Instructions on setting up OalFlickr4PFF can be found here. Just registered an account with Flickr which amazingly enough is now affiliated with Yahoo so I just used my yahoo id to sign in for it.

Firefox is just amazing and the plugins and extension available for it is always growing. GET IT NOW !!!! It's the browser of the future !! hahahah

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