Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Back to work after resting for two day with a headache that makes my head weigh a tonne and couple with that fever that keeps going up and down like a god damn see saw. Imagine with the air cond full blast and yet I can sweat throughout the night. Totally sucks man.

The medication doesn't seem to be doing much help either, popping pills non stop for the past two days and yet still feeling shitty today. So how does your body know how much antibiotic is enough ? Why issit when antibiotic is prescribed we are asked to finish it. So if we take one pill shorter we take a longer time to heal ? If by tomorrow I'm still feeling the same I'm going to go and see another doctor. First time even after medication I'm still feeling so bad.

On top of that as soon as I stepped into the office was dragged into a meeting which went on forever and ever and ever and 4 hours later my headache just got so much more worst. I just feel like curling up in one corner and closing my eyes and falling a sleep .. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


bulat said...

Awhs! sick Bear!! Please la go take MC or something. Like this how to cure? Sweats. Oh!! ERmerm...okay sorry i no remedies. ToT

Janice said...

Lolz *huggiez!* Here's da remedy!

changeiam said...

Cannot take mc la got problems that need to be solved ..

jan your huggies made it all better with the help of a few pills :)