Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Me and her

I'm usually awake before the sun even gets a chance to rise and I'm out of the house just as the sun starts to shine. Sometimes I will just take a minute a two to embrace the warmth of the sun and as it awakes from it's slumber illuminating the surrounding suddenly reminding me that I'm not alone.

There was a morning when I was awake slighlty earlier than usual and as I got into my car and as I took my usual route to work I noticed the sun was slightly lazier compared to other days and decided to take a picture of it. Days like this I will take my time to enjoy what nature has to offer and take my own sweet time getting to work, that is until I come crashing back to civilisation when an asshole starts horning his horns beside me just because the person if front of him took an extra second or two to move after the light has turned green.

As I get more caught up in the traffic and all the inconsiderate drivers who seem to think they own the road I get even more stressed up and that is of course until I reach the highway and once again it's just me, her and the open stretch of road welcoming us with open arms. So without hesitating I give her more gas and she returns the favour by giving a gentle purr as she steadily increases speed.

There comes a point when I feel what she's going through as every undulation and bump and curve is conveyed back to me as she speaks to me in her own little manner allowing me to know how she feels and what I need to do to make it an even better experience. As we keep communicating, while coaxing each other to go even faster and further and before I know it my heart skips a beat while it too races to keep up with the sudden rush of blood.

My grip on her tightens as the lump in my throat gets bigger but as usual she manages to calm me down and gives me the confidence needed to just ever so lightly press the gas paddle even more as she climbs up the rev now singing to my ear ever so beautifully thanking me for letting her have her freedom.

As we approach the bend she tells me not to worry as I'm thrown one side while she gracefully goes through it like a hot knife through butter without any drama and worries. As we pass by wannabe wiralutions and wajalutions I can't help but snigger at them thinking to myself what do they know about the commitment and dedication needed to be one with her. Don't take me wrong I'm in no way the best driver in the world but with her by my side and after spending so much time with her we have reached a level of understanding and she gives me the level of confidence that far surpasses my own expectations.

As we approach our destination I let her cool down from our little spirited adventure and bring her back to the reality of the world and thank her for once again providing me with an experience that no words can truly be able to describe. I slowly back her up into her resting place where she will sit waiting for me until I'm done from work, where once again we will unite and become one.

This has become our little ritual for the past year and while it is intoxicating and gives me a rush that keeps me alive, I have to keep reminding myself that everyone and everything has a limit and by just making sure that I try to keep myself within the limit ensures I am able to continue my adventures for yet another day with her by my side.


bulat said...

http://www.mindvalley.com . dont know just thought you might read this.

ive sat in cars with much fatser speed but nvr seen one taking photo of it larh hahahahahahaahah

sE_vIxEn said...

you're the one in a million of those bloggers that will actually make me stop and savour each and every word you say. great writing skill!!!

anyhoo, go all the way to 240km/h, the adrenaline won't wear off whole day man!!! :P

changeiam said...

bulats ahhahah well I've done faster as well but that's like once in a while this is my normal "cruising" speed to work daily :D and yah it's not easy to drive and take photo at the same time .. definitely not recommended :P hahahahah

vixen hahah thanks once in a while I let my imagination run wild and just type whatever that comes to my mind so sometimes it might be junk sometimes it's something even I'm amazed with :D thanks for the compliments *blush* and to go 240 km/h I need to be working in Penang or Spore la to have enough empty roads to do it :D