Wednesday, April 25, 2007

They're back !!

OMG OMG OMG OMG ... they have finally returned to grace us once again with their adventures and never ending possibilities. What the heck am I rambling about so early in the morning ? Well this might answer your question.

The popular TV series is finally out with a spanking brand new episode. Chapter 18 left us hanging with Mohinder lying on the floor while Peter Petrelli battles it off with Sylar. I have been anticipating the release of Chapter 19 and what better way to watch it than on my spanking brand new 24" widescreen LCD at 6:30am in the morning .... muahahahahahaha

I've gone insane I tell you. I made sure I went to sleep early so I could get up bright and early to continue my Heroes saga and after watching Chapter 19 I can't believe the master Tim Kring once again left me hanging waiting eagerly for Chapter 20. I don't wanna give out anything that happened in Chapter 19 as it's well worth the wait so if you haven't watched it faster DO IT NOW !!!! Then drop a comment or two so we can further discuss it without spoiling the experience for the others :) *Warning comments might have spoilers !!!!*

Heroes totally owns my soul !!!!


changeiam said...

OMG I just loved this episodes it puts so many things into perspective and yet leave so many questions unanswered.

1. What the heck is Mrs. Petrelli powers ?

2.What the heck does Linderman wants with little Micah ? Seems we'll be seeing a lot more of the little guy.

3. What happeened to the past generation of heroes ? Mrs Petrelli, Linderman, Claude and god knows who else and what caused Linderman to turn evil ?

4. What did Isaac see in the future for Sylar ?

A lot more questions running through my mind but these are what I can remember at this moment :D