Friday, April 06, 2007

Pit Lane Park

Went to check out the Pit Lane Park even organised by BMW and boy was I shocked by the size of the venue. Plus you actually get to see the F1 car plus there's a simulator as well. The most interesting thing for me was the pit stop challenge.

You actually get to change tyres on an F1 car and boy was it fun and not forgetting fast. You even get a cert if you manage to change the tyres within 10 seconds. Plus there's Chris Pfeiffer who currently is the indoor streetbike freestyle world champion doing his freestyle bike rides which definately adds to the fun factor. I heard there was an F1 car doing burnouts and donuts as well but I didn't get a chance to catch that.

The most important thing was if you manage to get your hand on some VIP invites there's a huge lounge for you to have a drink and rub shoulders with some of the BMW people. Who knows you might even get to say hi to Nick Heidfield.

Not forgetting the freebies given out. You even get to take a picture with the F1 car and they will print out the pic for free of charge.


lilxcute said...

yoganess..interested in this?
ck @KL says:
professional services consultant
ck @KL says:
when he joins, he'll be given training on our product (telco billing software)
ck @KL says:
whenever there's project, he will be doing requirement analysis with customers, configuration in the system, training, preparing documents and go through UAT phase with customer
hafta travel around a lot
salary wise..takut you are too experienced for the position only. =P

bulat said...

laughs. wow a job offer: D

btw, sze mei went to the F1 thing T_T and my fren went for the few hundred dollar wan asloT_T

changeiam said...

jan ahhhh arigato seems very interesting. Will get more details from you soon :)

bulat hahahhah wow cannot imagine lor sze mei and f1 !!

lilxcute said...

lolz sure sure no hay probema =) *huggies*

changeiam said...

jan i'm still waiting patiently for your arrival :D