Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Morning

Came in early today and was sitting down in the pantry having my breakfast and sipping my Milo when one of the girls came and said she baked some cupcakes last night and wanted us to try some .So obviously yours truly had one cupcake to try and when I opened the box to get it I saw this.

Can you imagine a dozen of this in a box looking all preeety until it felt eating it was wrong but heck it was made to be eaten and eaten it shall be. It's basically a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and an awesome looking rose.

Burrpssss it was a lovely breakfast with an awesome looking cupcake for dessert. Yesterday another staff came back after lunch so excited.

She : OMG I found some dark chocolate at last.
Me : Most supermarket also got sell what.
She : Nooooooo .. not this kind. You want to try some ?
Me : Sure why not (wondering what so special about it)
She : This one is 85% cocoa the most I've seen is only 75%
Me : 75% - 85% what's the big difference (takes a piece and a big one at that too)
Arrggghhhhh (makes funny faces)
OMG it's so damn bitterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
She : Hahahahahah laughs hysterically

I thought I've eaten dark chocolate before but boy was I wrong. Apparently this is the real stuff with 85% cocoa. If all chocolates tasted like this the chocolate companies will go bust soon. I shall stick back to my nuts and raisin cadbury thank you very much


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